Saturday, March 30 2019
6:00pm - 8:30pm

The Dirty Talk Game Show: Edition


The Dirty Talk Game Show pits four naughty-tongued panelists fighting each other and the clock to say just the right thing.

In turn each naughty panelist is given a topic to talk about for sixty seconds without repeating themselves, pausing too long, or deviating from the subject (They can be deviants, they just can't deviate from the subject). If they do any of that, the other panelists pounce and steal the timer and finish it out. The winner with the most naughty points will be crowned the Filthiest Mouth in San Francisco. Join us to cheer on your favorite naughty panelist!

Hosted by Psychokitty Ryan
Psychokitty is a performance artist, MC, and event producer transplanted from Chicago’s Improv community to the Bay area. Besides being the host of the Dirty Talk Game Show, Psychokitty has preformed from Dublin, Ireland to Osaka, Japan.


Kitty KaPowww is the kitten that cats prefer. Bay Area born & raised - she is proud to support and be a part of the San Francisco queer art community. Kitty debuted on stage before she could even drink at the bar, and in the few years since she has found her strength as a producer. She is the Head Witch in Charge of Hex in the City Burlesque - a coven of queer creators and performers.
Tagline - “the kitten that cats prefer”
Social: / @kittykapowww on IG

Cody Nichols was born in a California town called Paradise. His dream in life is to eventually retire in Hell, Michigan so he can go out on a bad pun and give the mortician a little chuckle. Mind reader, story teller, fire breather, vaudeville entertainer, and the world’s first Meowgician, Cody Nichols has been entertaining audiences for the past 10 years with his own unique brand of strange. And despite the rumors, he has no plans of stopping any time soon.

Angsty Andy (they/them) is a nonbinary resistance folk artist, but you can call them "freak." Their intention behind their art is to release oppressive energies by getting scantily mad and dazzling in distress onstage. They seek to offer validation and empowerment to those who can relate to their acts of power reversal, fighting against mental health stigma, sexism, witchy shit and raw angst against the machine.

Andy is the creator behind Pervy Pins which uses vintage smut and the cut-up art technique to produce one-of-a-kind pervy flare. Angsty Andy started a crew called Organized Chaos with several local burlesquers and artists, who together co-operate Organized Chaos Burlesque and the Lingerie Lounge Open Symposium at Oakland Secret.

You must be 21+ with valid government issued photo ID.
No outside food or alcoholic beverage.
Arrive on time. Any guests arriving late may not be permitted to enter. Please understand that is in effort to not disturb our intimate workshop setting.
All reservations are final sale.
This location is NOT wheelchair accessible.
Any questions can be sent to

We look forward to having you at KINK HQ!

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