Thursday, December 12 2019
7:00pm - 10:30pm

Smut & Snuggles: A Night of Porn, Exploration and Self Discovery presented by PTPExperiment, Lola Jean & The Violet


Still relying on the algorithm to dictate your porn search? Step away from the search bar and allow us to do the dirty work for your dirty work. Give your fingers a break and let us take you on a journey. A journey through the dynamics of power, space and time.

Restrain yourself as we guide you through a carefully selected range of smut and kink to take you well into an evening of exploration, healing, and new discovery. provides the setting of our physical and mental playground to explore the crannies and corners of the mind.

This is an elevated and sophisticated version of that sleepover where one of your friends decided to search for porn and show the group. A cross between cinema and smut. Pillows, cuddle puddles, blankets, play time and tutorials. And porn. Lots of porn.

The night’s focus will be on--you guessed it--kink. Each kink will have a film, we will discuss what’s different between the film and real life, then show you how to do it in real life. Then, it’s your turn to play!

The night’s kinks will include:

Sensory Deprivation : When you take one sense away the others come out to play... The stakes are high and sensation is even higher, what happens when anticipation and imagination are given more room to Explore. Where does your mind and body go when you don’t know what’s next?

Wrestling & Domination : The ultimate surrender is THE ultimate surrender. Imagine being physically overpowered, despite your best efforts you are now trapped between someone’s thighs and at their mercy, to do whatever they want with you. After all, they beat you fair and square.

Forced Orgasm : The line between pleasure and pain is fine. They are so focused on your orgasm and will do nothing to stop until they reach it again and again and again... Submit to your pleasure and watch your body react without your control.

Playtime Information:
Between a few select films, there will be workshops and discussions pertaining to our featured kinks of the evening. If you didn’t come with a partner, don’t worry if you don’t find a consenting kinkster to partake immediately, there’s more to learn on your own! After workshops conclude, you’ll be ready to erupt and put all this knowledge to practice. Once playtime behinds, now is the time to discuss and negotiate any desired scenes or play with other couples/groups/individuals. Of course, you are not required to participate in any or all of the workshops or playtime. We request your presence whether you dip in a toe or cannon ball your way to the deep end. We all have to start somewhere, and we’d be honored for you to start with us.

About the presenters:

The Violet:
Pop-up, Guilt-free Porn Cinema: We are modern voyeurs that believe in inclusive, ethical and sex-positive porn consumption. We aim to release people from the shame and isolation around pleasure therefore, eliminating non-consent and rape culture. The Violet is the manifestation of curiosity, joy and experience. It's time to end non-consent and rape culture, by watching porn, TOGETHER. Follow us at @theviolet_bk
Ayesha Hussain, founder of The Violet, is a sexuality activist & conscious entrepreneur.

Lola Jean:
Lola Jean is Sex Educator, Mental Health Professional, Wrestler, Domme, Writer and World Record Holder for Volume (solo) Squirting. Through both personal and professional experience, Lola brings a refreshing understanding to sex and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of. As featured in The New York Times, Vice, Elite Daily and Mens Health, Lola offers a variety of classes to help people have better sex with themselves and each other. Through private kink or sex coaching, hands-on classes, talks, and her podcast w The Reluctant Sexpert : ‘Is Our Love ___?’, it is her goal to challenge gender and societal norms without perpetuating what is already so prevalent in porn or the male gaze.
Twitter: @LolaJeanDotCom

PTP Experiment:
A cinematic social experiment that normalizes pornography, inspires conversation and creates a safe space for curiosity and education. With censorship at an all time high (RIP Tumblr), spaces to safely celebrate our sexuality are dwindling. The world lives between extremes. Porn stashes (not to be confused with Porn ‘staches) and Porn detoxes. Either we hide our habits to never speak of them or abstain from porn and proceed to never shut up about it. The reality is: Porn isn't evil. It depends on how we use it. Let's use it for good. Let's talk about it, learn from it, incorporate it. PTP Experiment creates a conversation around pornography and use it as a platform to unpack cultural nuances, norms and build empathy amongst each other through a variety of mediums.

-This event is limited to 40 people total. Making your registration(s) in advance is highly recommended.
-You must be 18+ with valid photo ID. No outside food or alcoholic beverage.
-Arrive on time. Any guests arriving late may not be permitted to enter.
-All sales are final.
-This space is wheelchair accessible.

Any questions can be sent to

We look forward to having you at Kink HQ!

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