Thursday, June 18 2020
4:45pm - 7:00pm

KINK-E WEBINAR: Rituals of Kink: Tools to Deepen Ecstasy and Connection presented by Galen Fous MTP & Corinne Farago


Join us for an online Zoom/webinar edition of "Rituals of Kink: Tools to Deepen Ecstasy and Connection"

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Fully and consciously engaging our Kink desires can be like finding a mythic erotic gold mine, buried deep within the sexual psyche. It contains a rich treasure chest of vivid sensations, primal passions, intense emotions, epic tales, alluring personas, taboo sexual ecstasy, and empowering psychological depths far beyond friction sex. At the same time understanding and resolving culturally induced fear, shame, trauma, and shadowy behaviors are an integral part of the journey.

Creating personally meaningful rituals and mindful practices can bring a depth of meaning to our D/s-BDSM expressions. They can amplify our archetypal, symbolic D/s roles and enhance the erotic polarity of our relationships.

noun: ritual; plural noun: rituals

…a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order…often producing a deeply meaningful experience.
When we introduce rituals of agreed upon actions, words, props, or positions, we enact a powerful display of shared respect and intention in our relationships that deepen the purpose of our play. These practices teach us about presence, the art of being fully engaged, connected, aware and embodied. Rituals and protocol, create a powerful anchor point to remind us of the purpose we bring to our play.

This workshop offers interactive discussion on rituals and protocol, what they are and how to apply them to a kink scene or 24/7 relationship.

Workshop participants will come away with an understanding of how to create meaningful, personal rituals for their daily life. This can extend to tailoring rituals for their erotic Kink encounters to enhance these engagements for themselves and their partners.

Whether you are just beginning or already down the path, these ritual and mindful practices will help you connect to deeper layers of Eros within yourself and your partners.

About Galen Fous MTP: Kink-Positive Therapist, Author, Educator & Sex Researcher

Galen lectures internationally at universities, grad schools and psychology conferences on the Psychological Dynamics of Kink Sexuality and untangling shame, fear and trauma from sexual desire.

He is on the faculty of the Modern Sex-Therapy Institute where he offers CE approved classes for therapists, on Kink-positive psychology.

He has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Galen works with clients within a Transpersonal framework that helps individuals and couples move through secrecy, shame, fear and trauma towards honest, embodied and confident expression of their authentic desires.

He helps clients shift from compulsive, secretive, risky sexual behaviors to negotiated, consensual ecstatic sexual engagements.

Galen has been an active member of the Kink Community since 1998. Past presentations include DomConLA, The Stockroom; Living in Leather, The Eulenspiegel Society, NYC; The Wet Spot (CSPC), Seattle; and others; Galen is educator.

Galen’s latest book, “Decoding Your Kink – Guide to Explore, Share and Enjoy Your Wildest Sexual Desires” has been praised by sexual psychologists and educators as "Visionary ...Masterful ...Groundbreaking ...Cutting Edge...Worth its Weight in Diamonds ... Highly Recommended...A Must Read!" He is also the author of “The Sharp Edge of Love – Extreme Sex, Mythic Passion, Primal Intensity".

Learn more at

In 2000, he introduced the world renowned Tetruss Sibari Suspension-Bondage Rig, Portable Dungeon, and Sex Swing, the world’s most versatile adult toy. (

About Corinne Farago
Co-presenter with Galen Fous

Corinne Farago is the founder of She’s a somatic sex and kink educator, relationship and sexual empowerment coach, and erotic hypnotherapist.

For the past 12 years she’s worked in person and online with clients from around the world.

Corinne has been an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area kink community since 2007 with many years of kink/BDSM training and mentorship throughout her life.

She sees clients in her private practice in Mill Valley and speaks to groups about sexuality and eros in the SF Bay Area. She also teaches couple’s groups through her online course, Erotic Power Play for Inquisitive Couples.

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