Thursday, July 23 2020
7:00pm - 9:30pm

First Flight: a series for your first suspension

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A 4-class series for students who have completed PROGRESSIONS (or have solid intermediate rope knowledge), and are ready for their first box tie and first suspension!
We are excited to guide you thru the steps to learning a hands-bound boxtie and introduce you to the fantastic world of suspension! This series addresses both the rigger and bottom side of the content, as both roles are equally important for suspensions to be as safe as possible!
MAY 28 - Box Tie: the first two ropes
JUN 25 - Box Tie: the third rope
JUL 23 - Box Tie & Hip Harness Labtime
AUG 27 - Introduction to Suspension
We begin with an introduction to the Box Tie. This is a foundational tie in Japanese Rope Bondage, especially for suspension. Proper use of tension and understanding of the reasons for each part of the pattern will lead to a more structurally sound and safer suspension, as well as an understanding of the risks inherent in the tie.
We will then move into learning two hip harnesses, all the while covering important information on preparing for your first suspension, including materials needed, safety considerations and rope handling.
Students planning to take the Introduction to Suspension class need to have proficiency in a suspension-worthy chest harness and hip harness. We encourage the series; please email us if you are seeking alternative plans. We reserve the right to ask any students to not load/suspend their ties if we have any safety concerns for them.
Interested in the series but your schedule conflicts with one of the classes? Email Blue at for information about private lessons to cover that class content, so you can still participate! We highly recommend private lessons at this point in your rope journey; we have found one-on-one feedback and oversight to be incredibly helpful.
Materials needed for classes 1-3:
- 3-5 lengths of rope, preferably jute or hemp at 6mm/8m
- safety shears
-a notebook!
Materials needed for class 4:
-10 lengths of rope, preferably jute or hemp at 6mm/8m
-two lengths of reinforced jute for use in uplines is strongly recommended
-suspension ring or set of carabiners (~5 carabiners)
-climbing straps of various lengths, 25" & 50" for starters
-hook knife (you should already have safety shears)
Please take a look at our core curriculum and class levels page to determine if this series is right for you! Email us at with questions!

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