Saturday, November 23 2019
7:00pm - 9:30pm

Knotty Nights Singles Rope Workshop

Come make a new rope friend!

This workshop will be designed for singles to meet other people interested in rope play. Couples are welcome, too! Come with a friend, a date, a lover, or by yourself and enjoy an evening of rope exploration and community gathering.

Knot Love is about tying hearts to hearts though the playful and sensual use of rope together with presence and awareness. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience, gender, or sexual orientation.

The evening will begin with short open-hearted movement and meditation exercises to help you relax your body, open your heart. and gather Qi (or life energy) from all around you. This provides a foundation for building presence, awareness, and intimacy resulting in a more connected rope play experience.

We will discuss rope safety fundamentals, consent, boundaries, and other considerations for rope tops and bottoms. You will learn how to stay aware and communicate with a partner during the entire rope experience. This helps ensure that everyone feel safe, respected, and heard.

Throughout the evening you will have an opportunity to meet and practice on a variety of partners. However, you are free to stay with the person you came with for the entire evening, and all exercises are totally voluntary. You may participate or just watch.

I will first show fun "no knot" techniques that have a lot of possibilities with no need for technical knowledge. We will explore how the rope is simply a physical extension of the energy and connection that exists between you and your partner.

You will then learn several ties and knots that can be used as a foundation for many rope possibilities. This will include wrist and arm ties, body harnesses, rope collars and leashes, ties for delicious positions, and more! We will continue to focus on maintaining and nurturing the connection that exists between you and your partner.

This singles workshop isnít just about rope typing techniques. Itís about learning how to stay connected to someone, read their desires and needs, and build a scene together that cultivates trust, passion, and connection. Itís also about learning to embody relaxation, confidence, and awareness inside yourself.

No prior experience with rope is necessary. An atmosphere of consent and communication will be followed at all times.

Hand-made & hand-conditioned jute rope & safety shears available for sale. $20 for a 10m length.

This workshop is located in the Santa Cruz mountains at a quiet, private studio nestled in redwoods near downtown Felton. Actual address given to paid attendees.

Cost: $20-30 sliding scale

Tickets available here:

Have concerns about attending a rope workshop? Please visit my Knot Love page to watch this video where I talk about what this class is like:
Fetlife: @Samuhara

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