Saturday, April 6 2019
12:00pm - 5:00pm

VoxBody Studio presents First Flight: An Introduction to Rope Suspension

Join Blue in this 5 hour small group class that will prepare students to launch into their first suspensions!

Topics to be covered:

-creating hangers on the boxtie and hip harness, and variations

-uplines: lock-off options above and below.

-rope management and mindfulness

-bottoming in your first suspensions

-suspension forms from the back and side of the boxtie, and hip harness

-safety considerations


Materials required:

-10 lengths of rope, preferably jute or hemp at 6mm/8m.

-two lengths of reinforced jute for use in uplines is strongly recommended.

-suspension ring or set of carabiners (~5 carabiners)

-climbing straps of various lengths, 25" & 50" for starters

-hook knife (you should already have safety shears)


-proficient knowledge of a three rope boxtie

-proficient knowledge of a hip harness (learn the one on event page link if you haven't yet)

-comfort in rope management, frictions and half hitches

-bottoms should be familiar with their bodies in a boxtie

Students planning to take the Suspension daylong need to have proficiency in a suspension-worthy chest harness and hip harness.

We encourage the fall series; please email us if you are seeking alternative plans.

Box Tie: The First Two Ropes on JAN 16

The Third Rope FEB 20

Box Tie and Hip Harness Review Labtime MAR 20

We are excited to watch you enter the world of suspension, but will not allow any unprepared students to do so under our watch, as safety is paramount at this juncture...and from here forward. Our intention is that you walk into the Intro to Suspension class feeling familiar with these two very important ties.

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VoxBody Studio is located in Oakland. Address to be emailed to students the week of the event.

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