Saturday, March 21 2020
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Friendly Neighborhood Satanists


We're the First Church of the Morningstar, a loose group of perfectly nice satanists, devil worshipers, demonolators, occultists, witches, and other walkers of the left hand path. We meet to socialize, scheme, discuss magic, read each other's tarot cards, swap occult books, and more! New and curious folks are welcome, we only ask that you be respectful and keep an open mind. All participants are encouraged to bring books, tarot decks, artwork, original writing, zines, grimoires, and similar to show off and share with the group.

Wicked Grounds is a safe space that welcomes all, and we stand by those values. Attendance is free, but please buy something from Wicked Grounds (and don't forget to tip your baristas)!

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