Sunday, April 12 2020
3:00pm - 6:00pm

SP&RC with Mx. Davey Faye

With Mx. Davey Faye

In realms of both spiritual practice and kinky ordeal, tools are intrinsic to our craft. Whether those tools are a perfectly balanced flogger, the underside of your boot, a fibrous skein of coconut, or the instant connectivity of hands to flesh whether they are symbols we draw in the sand or on skin, or honored spirits that inform our journeys we use tools to manifest sensation, dictate response, command energy, and provoke transformative change.

SP&RC (Sadistic Primal & Ritual Craft) is an ongoing series of classes weaving together an educational path dedicated to sacred intent, energetic awareness, ethical foraging and hand-crafted tools. We invite you to whittle down your resources to only that which the natural world provides, and offer a landscape to develop specialized skillsets and explore the nuances of shamanic intent within sadistic play. There will be discussion around sacred and energetic techniques, historical context and cultural recognition, demo instruction and supervised hands-on practice, as well as reflective learning with peers about applications to power exchange and relationship dynamics rooted in both kink and spirituality.

These classes are of the woo but are invitational to all, cerebrally meant to incite curiosity, arouse primalism, and promote use of intuition so please attend with an open mind! All individuals walking a path through BDSM or spiritual practice may find opportunities for ecstasy, empowerment, self awareness, ordeal, transformation, or healing. Each class may be taken separately per your specific interests, but every installation will feed into the next, collectively developing a well-rounded education on sacred approach to a unique repertoire of tools. Join us for this intentive and intuitive journey into the world of naturalistic play, elemental energetic work, and consciously practiced craft!

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