Wednesday, March 18 2020
7:00pm - 9:00pm

CANCELLED: D/s Social Hour

A casual, coffeehouse munch for connecting with other people interested in consensual authority and control.

For purposes of this event, we define "D/s" broadly, as any kind of consensual authority, control or leading and following. Folks who play with authority in sexy scenes are welcome, and so are folks pursuing full-time M/s relationships.

Make friends with people who are as into power exchange as you are.

Share ideas, inspiration and moral support for pursuing the kinds of consensual, intimate authority that feeds your soul.

If you're already in a power dynamic, you'll find a community where your dynamic can be seen and valued.

If you're looking for a dominant or submissive partner, you might find one! Come flirt gently and respectfully.
Attempts at imposing non-consensual authority will not be tolerated. Regardless of their D/s orientation, no one is your submissive or your dominant unless they've explicitly agreed to be so. Treat everyone like you'd treat a person your mother just introduced you to.

We will have a round of introductions at 7:15, and the organizer will pose a D/s-related question as a conversation starter. After that the event will be unstructured. Mingling, multiple conversations, and talking about whatever interests you are all heartily encouraged.

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