Friday, October 16 2020
12:00pm - 1:00pm

ONLINE: Plant Based Players Munch

NOTE: This will be an online event via Zoom. Zoom information will be sent to all participants one hour before the event.


Do you love kink but are actively vegan? Are you practicing a plant based diet but love dungeons? Do you find yourself in the middle of contradictions almost constantly? If so, this event is for you! Many of us found our way to non-monogamy through our need to be free and full of compassion. We wouldn't dream of limiting our own or our partners' freedoms. By extension of that philosophy, we may feel too much compassion for our fellow animals or the planet to consume meat and/or purchase animal products. Whether or not you are polyamorist, if your approach to relationships values freedom, compassion, and kinky fun, join us!

Let's chat about how we're holding ourselves back. Should we feel guilty if we like blood play or even drinking blood? Do we have to give up our favorite floggers or our passion for boot blacking? Do we stop having the violent sex we want or avoid primal play? Hell no! Let's get together to talk about how we navigate, what we want, and how to find it. The ultimate goal is to start having events in 2021 that speak to us, including whatever pre-colonial spiritual practices we embrace from neo-paganism and wicca to Buddhism. Yes, it helps to be vegan, vegan-curious, or minimally vegetarian. It's so hard for us to find each other. Let's build connections.

These munches will occur on the new moons for the rest of 2020. Can't wait to meet you!


NOTAFLOF - $30. Advance tickets required through Brown Paper Tickets.


Zoom does not provide closed captioning, however we recommend the Live Transcribe App. It is free, easy to use, and works well with virtual events.

This will be a live, online event offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class! This class will not be recorded and is not available for later viewing.

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