Thursday, April 29 2021
6:00pm - 8:00pm

WEBINAR: "We Have Ways..." A New Look At BDSM Interrogations with Mr.BLK and Foxxy

Note: This is a live online class via Zoom. The link will be sent to all registered attendees one hour before the class


Despite its popularity in the kink community, interrogation play is still shrouded in mystery. Some people think of such a scene and imagine it's similar to interrogations depicted in movies and tv shows. Other people assume that a background as an elite operator or elaborate details are essential to carrying out an interrogation scene.

But what if you're terrible at role play? Or what if you don't have a professional military background? Do you have trepidation about bottoming in an interrogation scene? Do you ever wonder if interrogation play is a viable option for your personality and relationship dynamic?

Join Mr.BLK and Foxxy as they demystify the art of interrogation play. The class will cover:

- How to adapt professional interrogation techniques for scenes
- How to negotiate and consent to interrogation scenes (For all parties involved)
- How to develop thresholds for a scene
- Why safe words are vital for interrogations
- Emotional and physical safety considerations
- Why breaking someone isn't necessary for a successful scene
- The relationship between duration and intensity
- Creating and maintaining scene dynamics
- Aftercare and debriefing

This session will include a Q & A session. By the end of this class attendees will have a working knowledge of how to create sexy, safer interrogation scenes.


The Black Pomegranate are collectively MrBLK and Foxxy, two Baltimore based kink and sex educators.

MrBLK is an experienced bondage rigger, kink educator and co-owner of the blog MrBLK has presented locally and nationally on rope bondage, diversity and BDSM play techniques. With a focus on making rope more accessible and approachable, MrBLK advocates for the axiom that rope is truly for everybody.

A Baltimore native, MrBLK is a graduate student in project management and board president for a national, sex positive nonprofit, which supports the work of sex positive artists and educators. In his down time, MrBLK can be found reading comics or working with kettlebells.

Foxxy is a former Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and Mid Atlantic Leather Woman BootBlack who is also a co-owner of A Femme dominant, Foxxy is also an experienced rope bottom. As a BootBlack, Foxxy is passionate about creating an experience, all while bringing treasured pieces of gear back to life. As a member of the leather community, Foxxy works to create inclusive spaces that are open and safe for everyone.

A longtime Baltimore resident, Foxxy devotes her time and energy to creating positive spaces in the Mid Atlantic leather community and chasing down the best baking recipes.


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