Saturday, May 1 2021

WEBINAR: Pinch, Bite, Burn, Ahhhh! Medical Play: Needles, Stapling and More

Please note: This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom.

Do you want to feel or administer the pinch, bite, and burn of play piercing/needle play? Medical skin staplers can be fun for medical play. They can be used for pain, for decoration, and just plain fun. Come learn the basics of safe needle and medical staple play. Learn the different techniques, safety concerns, and different equipment that can be used. The class will include a demonstration of needle insertion, needle manipulation once inserted and needle removal, stapler use, and staple removal, also some creative ways to use said staples.


I am JustRob or just Rob :) I identify with masculine pronouns (he/him). I have been involved in the public community in Jacksonville, FL since 2008. I identify primarily as a Top and a Leatherman, but on occasion, I inhabit the roles of Sadist, Dominant, Leader, Mentor, and Teacher. I lead the committee that runs the local group Alternative Lifestyles Enthusiasts (A.L.E.),. I organize" the weekly Taco Tuesdays event and I am especially passionate about and active in our local polyamory group.

My areas of experience are primarily; impact play (everything from fists and palms to whips and everything in between), electricity (specifically the violet wand), and medical play (focused on play piercing and staples).

In general, I am a reaction junkie who craves blood and other bodily fluids. Overall, my passion is helping people find their way in this lifestyle and helping those who have already found it to navigate it safely and grow personally.


Tickets: $15 - $35 in advance through Eventbrite until one hour prior to the event. Please pay at the level you can comfortably afford.

We offer a sliding scale, so that cost is not a barrier to attendance.

The regular ticket is $25. This is what most people should pay.

The $15 ticket is offered for those for whom the $25 ticket would be a barrier to participation. If $25 is too much, we take your word for it! Just pay $15.

Have a great salary? Feeling generous? Paying at the $35 level allows us to make the discounted ticketing available to others who need it. :)

So - that's it! Choose the level you can comfortably afford.


Zoom now provides closed captioning. We also recommend the Live Transcribe App. It is free, easy to use, and works well with virtual events.

This will be a live, online class offered through Zoom. To participate, you will need to download the free, basic version of the Zoom app before the class! This class will not be recorded and is not available for later viewing.

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