Wednesday, July 24 2019
7:00pm - 9:00pm

San Francisco's Littles' Munch

The San Francisco Littles Munch is open to everyone who is into or curious about consensual age play between adults. So whether you identify as an adult baby, a little, a middle, a big, some combination of the above, or if you're just getting into age play and are still exploring, if you'e looking for a fun way to spend a Wednesday night with like-minded friends, the San Francisco Littles Munch is here for you!

Wicked Grounds will have tasty treats and beverages available for purchase, so whether you'll be coming for a little snack right after a meal or if you'll be having dinner, there will certainly be an item that will please your appetite. It also happens to be a coffee shop owned, staffed, and frequented by kinksters. So if you wish to, feel free to come wearing your favorite littles outfit or bring something to change into. Got a favorite story book? Bring it with you to share! Got a favorite craft? Bring it to show us! Have a favorite game? Bring it to share! If you're looking for a munch to go to to start your year off where you're not just sitting around and talking but where you actually get to play, this might just be the munch for you :D

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