Monday, January 21 2019
7:00pm - 9:30pm

Non-Monogamous Munch for the Young & Young-at-Heart

**RSVPs do not reflect actual attendance - events are listed on multiple calendars**

This is a gathering for chatting, socializing, and generally getting up to wacky hijinks at Wicked Grounds. Attendance varies but is almost always between 10 and 20 people. This is not a discussion or activism group, but rather just a regular social gathering - we will repeat this event the 3rd Monday of every month. Feel free to arrive late or just stop by briefly.

Traditionally this munch has been for those under 40, but we recently nixed the age restriction, everyone is welcome! However, we feel that it is important for our younger generation polya/non-monogamous folks to have a safe space to explore and meet others; therefore, we will continue to hold this as a safe-space for everyone. We encourage folks of any age to attend, with the realization that this group tends to draw a younger crowd.

While it's fun to meet people and make new connections, heavy cruising will not be tolerated. Please be respectful to each other.

What to bring

Yourselves. Money to make a purchase (not required, GREATLY appreciated).

Important to know

In early January, Wicked Grounds had announced that they were going to have to close. The community reached out, asking how to help, and WG was explicit in asking for what they want/need. And the community responded.

From our beloved Mir, "What Wicked Grounds would need to stay open is a consistent $15 thousand per month in Patreon support, plus an immediate cash infusion to get us through the month." They were able to obtain the cash infusion and within just a couple days their Patreon went beyond the $15k/month mark. Any additional Paetron income will help sustain the cafe in the months and years to come. However, if they meet and maintain their stretch goal of $20k/month, every staff member will receive two additional paid hours each week purely for their own kink education (reading, classes, podcasts, etc) to further support their work as kink concierges for our customers. They will also receive $100/month in store credit to acquire books and toys toward that goal. Please consider backing them at whatever level you feel most comfortable, we and Wicked Grounds ask not to give beyond your means. "Put on your own oxygen mask first"

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