Thursday, January 10 2019
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Sex Magick Coffee Social

This informal social is open to anyone who is interested in the intersection of magic(k) and sexuality, at all levels of experience. Reclaiming, OTO, A.'.A.'., Chaos Magickians, F(a)eri(e) traditions, BLW, Wicca, and many other traditions include sexual magick and mysteries as part of the magickal practice. We will be talking about magic(k) broadly, and all practitioners from all traditions (or none!) are welcome.

We are also open to all ages, genders, relationship dynamics, kink predilections, and orientations (or lack thereof).

This month we will discuss the build/spend dichotomy in sex magick. Many practices and traditions focus on reserving sexual energy to build power, as by celibacy or sublimation; others focus on the release of sexual energy for the same end; still others use both, whether in balance or varying according to the aim of the magician. Which do you use, when and why? Which do you prefer? Come prepared to discuss: this is not a lecture.

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