Thursday, December 26 2019
8:00pm - 9:30pm

Shy: The Unsocial Social

The Unsocial Social is a community and space for those with social anxiety and/or shyness to support one another. Especially those that also identify as kinky and/or poly.

Do you…

Feel left out even when in a group
Find you have something you wish you could say during a conversation, but just can't
Go to events and end up not participating because of anxiety
Like being social, in theory, but rarely get to practice it
Feel easily overwhelmed and drained of energy when interacting with others in either small or large groups
Blush, mumble, laugh, stutter, sweat or have other visible symptoms when feeling socially anxious or awkward
Our goal is not to “fix” anyone. Some people are happy being reserved and observing, but would still like a sense of community and support. Others maybe are hoping to gain more confidence or skills to work past the anxiety. Some might just like to get out of the house and be with others who truly understand how hard it can be to interact with the world around you. All types are welcome.

The structure of the event is flexible and will adapt to best serve those attending. Some activities might include:

sharing stories of victories or stumbles
exercises to work on interacting with others
sharing of resources like articles, websites, other groups, and programs.
planning group outings to kink events or kink shops or other non-kink events with a safe group of friends
guided discussions by the hosts
or just quietly sitting at a side table and observing
While participation is gently encouraged, it is not required. We’ll have ribbons available for folks to wear to indicate their level of desired interaction during the event.

We know that just showing up for any kind of event is extremely challenging for some. We will do all we can in order to make this event as safe and comfortable for anyone who wishes to attend. If you have questions or concerns before, during or after the munch, please don't hesitate to bring those to the attention of the hosts.

We suggest visiting Wicked Grounds before the event to get a sense for the space if you’ve never been before.

About hosts: This event is co-hosted by Sacred Dom and Tish SpookyTish

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