Saturday, June 8 2019
2:00pm - 4:30pm

Cardea Society Classes - Power Play - the shockingly fun world of electricity! [San Jose]

**The Cardea Society is excited to offer our June class on Electro play!**

*Power Play* is next in the line of our regularly scheduled Cardea Society classes that encompass a variety of skills and welcome Dominant women to be a part of educating and supporting one another.

FetLife Event Link: (NOTE: You must register via EventBrite to attend!)

**About this class**

Electro play is a genre of sensation play that can range from mild to wild and encompasses a variety of implements. With fascinating origins in medicine, aesthetics, and other applications this type of sensation play has a rich history and broad use!

In this class we'll discuss how you can tailor your electro experiences to be tingly, tantalizing, or torturous.

We'll cover the way electricity acts on the body, using electro play toys (in new fun ways), safety concerns, negotiation specific to this type of play, and how best to handle your lovely electrical toys!

This class will be instructed by Miss A (, and will feature demos of the violet wand, tens unit, and tazapper as well as a variety of attachments, accessories, and pervertable electrical implements.

The class will allow time for presentation with an optional 30 minute casual workshop/skills practice at the end.

Attendees are welcome to bring their own electro gadgets for show and tell, to share their favorite types, practice technique and participate in the optional workshop after the class.

The cost to attend is $20/person, which includes an instructional handout, light refreshments & snacks, and the opportunity to try out the demonstrated toys and techniques.

**REGISTER TO ATTEND [HERE][eventbrite link coming soon!]**
Those who register through the link above will receive the address of the event 48 hours before.

**Please note this class has the following restrictions:**
* Dominant Women driven. This class is exclusively for Dominant Women and the submissives/bottoms of any gender that admire them.
* Vanilla clothing outside of the venue. Please wear vanilla clothing, preferably inconspicuous clothing, outside of the venue. This class is in a private suburban home near East San Jose. We don’t want to attract the neighbors’ curiosity.
* Attendance limitations & priority: Seating is limited to 24. If more than 24 tickets are requested, priority will be given to female identified Dominants & their confirmed accompanying partner/s.
* No unregistered & unconfirmed guests are allowed at this event. If you arrive with an unregistered/unconfirmed guest you and said guest/s will be asked to leave. There are no exceptions to this limitation for respect & privacy sake.

**About the Cardea Society**

The Cardea Society’s goal is to help empower women as they explore and find their own definition of female dominance, finding the voice and ability to claim, without reservation, that they are glorious and can accomplish what they aim to achieve.

The Cardea Society’s mission is to create a safe space for Dominant women to network and create a meaningful community that aids in peer learning, cultivating close friendships, training, mentoring and guidance.

Additionally, the Cardea Society organizes social activities that are open to all individuals who identify as female Dominant and those who adore them, including gatherings, teas, parties and special events.

* The Cardea Society FetLife Group:
* Twitter: @CardeaSociety

**About the Instructor**

Miss A ( is a lifestyle Dominant with many years of experience in all sorts of kink activities, groups, and associations. She particularly enjoys the delicious blend of pain and pleasure while relishing the opportunity to explore new and exciting ideas and play styles. With a passion for community involvement and education she is active in the South Bay kink community and plays a part in leading or organizing several local events.

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