Tuesday, December 25 2018
2:00pm - 7:00pm

The Alternative Holiday Pot-Luck Social Play Party

When the holidays come around every year, there are some—including us—who don’t have family close by. In fact, many don’t have any ‘blood’ family nearby. But, we all have our chosen or preferred family here with whom we have far more in common and can converse, for the most part, about any topic without fear of family annoyances and…drama. Not to say we’re immune to these issues, but let’s face it. The kinky community, for the most part, is far more open-minded about the alternative lifestyles. If you want to discuss which type of pain you prefer: stingy or thuddy, while you dine, you can do that here. However, at other Christmas get-togethers your Aunt Jenny, who runs the Bible study every week, might give you a look of indignation or utter disdained disbelief…

Come on over to DOMUS SADICUS. We’ll be holding a joint event with smOdyssey to support the kinky community during the Holiday season for all. Whether you don’t have family nearby, or you don’t want to deal with the rants of your uncle or the judgmental eyes of your Baptist cousin, come and have some somewhat-sane socialization and of course, some fun. Expect plenty of conversation—casual and intellectual—people, play, interaction, food and drink—spiked eggnog, candy canes, and Christmas cookies—and kinkster fellowship. Bring your toys and delve into some delightful and decadent fun in the dungeon.

The Alternative Holiday Pot-Luck Social Play Party will be on, well, Christmas day, of course, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. It will be held at the Dragon’s Den of DOMUS SADICUS. There will be plenty of time to enjoy some interesting and uplifting conversation, spiked eggnog, candy canes, and Christmas cookies. We will also provide a cooked ham, potatoes, rolls and fruit salad

On this day, as a community of diverse belief systems, we look at Christmas and the holiday season as a secular celebration of generosity and goodwill toward each other in the way *you* want. DOMUS SADICUS and smOdyssey will provide drinks (sodas and water) and a few snacks (chips and dips), the rest is up to the community who attend. It’s a Pot-luck event so please bring what you can, some sort of food, snack or drink.

HERE is the EVENT LINK: fetlife.com/events/731598

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, we will have a white-elephant gift exchange, to add a little spice to your already spiked eggnog ($25 maximum). Perhaps you have something worth that amount you've been wanting to regift? However, be prepared my kinky brothers and sisters to have a gift you just received during this activity that you think is the grandest of gifts, swiped before your very eyes...alas. Now, that's the spirit!

So, if you desire fun, food, friendship, fellowship, and folly consider The Alternative Holiday Pot-Luck Social Play Party. We’ll have plenty—within reason—of whatever you need to have an enjoyable evening with friends and the new friends you have yet to meet.

If you wish to attend, please RSVP Leonis on Fetlife to let us know how many we can expect. After you contact him to RSVP, he will give you the address. To give people an idea of the event location, it will be held in the northeast area of San Jose near Milpitas.

Parking, like most events in the Bay area, will be a challenge. Street parking will be available, additional plentiful parking within a 5-10 minute walk, according to Mr. Google, at a department store, and the VTA Light Rail is less than 10 minutes away.

If you want to bring alcohol, you may, but responsible alcohol consumption is expected of all attendees. Alcohol nor any glass containers will be allowed in the dungeon area. For the dungeon, we require some sort of sound reduction—ball gags—to minimize the noise levels as much as possible—or at least the screams and giggles to keep some event activities on the DL.

Thank you and see you there!

Leonis will be the primary contact to RSVP; he will be coordinating the event. If you have additional questions, you may contact Lady Marquetta, Leonis, or Dove.

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