Thursday, April 25 2019
6:30pm - 8:30pm

The Dagger and Delight of Relationships, the Etiquette of Communication

Come and join us at this month’s Etiquette and Protocol Society gathering, sponsored by DOMUS SADICUS and smOdyssey. We’ll be discussing the The Dagger and Delight of Relationships, the Etiquette of Communication.

Communication in all its forms is central to all relationships. It fosters and forms the foundation of any healthy and evolving bond. From passing casual strangers to life-long intimate connections and friendships, relationships span the spectrum. In the human condition, most of us seek out and desire some level of happiness in our relationships. We don’t want some drama-ridden, wrenching relationship that we must endure instead of enjoying. Relationships are challenging yet rewarding journeys, but significant and emotional hurdles, such as strife, stress, drama, discord, and a host of others can fight against our happiness. So, how do we purge (strife) the bad and embrace the good (happiness)? How do we attain and maintain at least some degree of happiness?

One barrier that often rears its head is the lack, misuse, and disuse of communication. If we look back on past situations that have inflamed our grumpiness and ire, we can see that the discord created might have been avoided by some simple communication. The idea of communication is a seemingly simple concept, yet its complex quality is often not fully understood. We continue to strive to communicate better with each other, to use it properly, and to eliminate ambiguity through the Etiquette of Communication.

How do we say that? When do we say it, or not say it? The gambit of communication is vast, complex, and esoteric at times. Combined with our human emotions, communication and its ability to create contentment can be a knotwork we must untangle to reach a degree of happiness that we all desire…

The Etiquette and Protocol Society is dynamic in nature; sometimes we might veer off into another, but a relevant, subject. We seek any and all perspectives and opinions. Be prepared for at least some critical examination and an explanation of your opinions. Try to have people understand your perspective. We really rather not have a “because-I-said-so” kind of opinion. Please be prepared to defend your views, if a person challenges it. We love civil discussion and the exchange of rational ideas.
This is a participant-driven class, not a script-driven presentation; you will not see a power-point or Keynote. Come prepared, come to speak, come to listen, and come to think about what you believe…

Please RSVP at so we know how many people to expect.

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