Sunday, April 28 2019
2:00pm - 4:00pm

How to Buy, Learn & Play: A Sensual Whip Journey For Two

This fast-paced, informative presentation, taught by Master Robert with LastMartini, is designed to explore fundamentals that have served us well and can contribute to your growth in kink. We intend to provide useful information on how to buy an instrument that's right for you, learn which skills are relevant, and offer guidance on how to safely scene with a partner. Our example is the short “dungeon” whip; however, what you learn will translate to any implement.

This class is intended for both beginners and more experienced players - Tops and bottoms – exploring techniques and building intimacy through the whip. Ultimately, an intimate scene is about two people exploring themselves and each other in ways that will benefit both.

Throwers: We will discuss the fundamentals of whip selection plus a demo of the most useful throw, both of which will allow you to focus solely on your partner. A few loaner whips will be available for comparison and practice as time permits.

Receivers: We will discuss your primary concerns, personal safety equipment, finding your desired sensations, and communicating during your scene. The more you understand, the more effective your negotiations – and scenes - will be.

Finally, we will demonstrate how both thrower and receiver can fine-tune the whip and sensations via the cracker, plus how to attach a cracker to any whip.

This class is designed for both Tops and bottoms in order to enhance that special experience for you and your scene partner. Bring a whip if you have one. Most important,bring your questions!

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